ThriveFNC Increased Client Consults By 15% Using New Website And Integrations

Health and Nutrition
Website Design, Website Development, Payment Gateway Integration, Appointment Scheduler Integration, Trello Integration
About ThriveFNC:

ThriveFNC is a Functional Health Consultancy provider. Established in 2011, ThriveFNC is focused on providing valuable health advice to clients. It has helped numerous clients in their quest for healthy lives. Their key offering involves functional nutrition consultancy that helps improve individual health.

ThriveFNC hired CodeInscribe to revamp their old website and create a brand new look. Their founder, Mugdha Pradhan was deeply involved with the redevelopment effort. The team is focused on building the website as the primary source to generate leads for their business.


The previous ThriveFNC website was old, unstructured, and was very slow to load. The design of the website was not in line with the latest design trends and it wasn't mobile responsive.

The previous website also made it very difficult to run any marketing campaigns since it wasn't designed from a lead generation point of view. It was also lacking integrations with a CRM to be able to track any leads coming in through.

Hence improving the website and make it suitable to be able to run lead-generation and marketing campaigns was the foremost objective.


The team at CodeInscribe understood the client's objectives and their intention to use the website as the primary source of lead generation. CodeInscribe redesigned the website with a fresh design in line with ThriveFNC's new brand identity. The website was hosted on a fast hosting account to ensure low page load times.

To allow ThriveFNC to accept payments from their clients, we integrated a payment gateway with the website. This formed a part of the overall funnel where the user would pay for online consultation and then be directed to schedule a time slot for the consultation. To enable that, CodeInscribe integrated a calendar scheduling program that would push the confirmed consultation time slots to a Trello board.

Since ThriveFNC publishes blog articles and recipes regularly, CodeInscribe created a template that would make it very easy to publish such articles easily and have them appear consistent. We created multiple custom content blocks which ThriveFNC could utilize to draft their articles.


CodeInscribe's implementation of the new website is already having a positive impact and delivering positive results to ThriveFNC. The number of new health consults has gone up by 15%. This has a direct business impact for ThriveFNC, since such online consults represent an important source of their revenue.