Welcome To A New CodeInscribe

CodeInscribe Design Studio was established in 2018 as a website design and development company. We worked with numerous clients and hopefully did justice to their websites. But over time, we realized, our clients needed help with more than just the website. Our clients faced difficult questions such as now that we have a website, how do we get relevant people to visit my website? How do we get them to buy something or send us an inquiry? How do generate leads from my website? and so on.

We realized that we were currently only solving a small subset of problems our clients were facing. To better serve our clients, we needed to be able to solve more of the problems they face in their business. This meant, we had to offer an expanded bouquet of services. With this expanded bouquet of services, we decided to focus on mid-market and enterprise clients.

This required us to evolve our brand identity to suit this new segment of clients. We needed to go from being just a website development agency to being an agency that powers your business. We are excited to present to you the new CodeInscribe brand identity!

We changed our colors to better reflect the pivot towards mid-market and enterprise.

We also evolved our logo to better represent ourselves to our new target segment.